Design Tips: Change Old Buildings So More Modern

Have you ever thought about turning an old building or former industrial building into a place to live? Make no mistake, this method is becoming a trend in the world of interior design, which is known as loft design. By changing or renovating some parts of the interior of the old building, you can get a place to live that is both modern and fun with the help of a Scaffold tower hire. The loft design was born from the idea of ??reusing the old building. Initially, this design began to be applied in Europe after a government policy to conserve a location for a place. The goal is to rejuvenate the city, especially for old buildings and buildings, such as former factories and other industrial buildings. Gradually, loft designs have begun to develop and are popular, especially by urbanites because of the many interior designers who have succeeded in creating loft designs by turning old buildings into modern residential buildings tower crane services near me.

The loft design has a very strong character. The hallmark of a loft interior is that it has a high ceiling. The loft building design is similar to the mezzanine design in a modern style. The first and second-floor areas are separated by stairs less than three meters apart. Also, loft designs are generally dominated by materials such as iron, steel, concrete, and bricks. The use of this material will create a strong masculine and industrial impression in the interior of the building. Another feature, generally loft designs are designed with an open space concept that is almost without a partition. This concept makes the residence feel spacious and the air circulation can be maximized. It is suitable for residential areas in the tropics, such as Indonesia, which optimizes lighting.

The open space concept presented in the loft design challenges your creativity to make it an attractive modern building. You can use neutral colors like white or gray to bring a modern feel to it. You can also apply cement or exposed brick in several parts of the space to strengthen the industrial style of the building which makes it more attractive. Then choose furniture with wooden or iron nuances so that the design looks harmonious with the industrial style of the space.

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