How to Select a Stair Lift Type That Will Fit Your Needs

There are a lot of different types of stair lifts, so it is important to select one that will fit your needs. The three basic types are: standing stair lifts, stair chairs, and incline platform lifts, are described below read more.

Perch Stair Lifts

They provide a small platform that the user can stand on to be moved up the staircase. This platform, or perch, is typically only a few square feet, so it is large enough for a single person to stand on, but not much more. In addition to hand rests, some perch lifts also include a mini-bench that the user can lean against as they move up the staircase.

One of the main advantages of a perch lift is that it does not take up a great deal of space on the staircase, so on very narrow stairways, a perch lift may be a good choice. Standing stair lifts are also sometimes used by those who have had a very serious operation, such as hip replacement, that makes it impossible for them to safely or easily get into and out of a chair.

However, since the user is standing as the stair lift moves up the stairway, there is an increased risk of injury. This is especially true of seniors with poor vision, limited balance, or who have dementia.

Sitting Stair Lifts

Sitting Stair Lifts, or stair chairs, are the most common type out there. A plastic chair is provided for the user to sit in as they are carried up or down the staircase. Some chairs offer improved padding and expanded back support, while others are simply a plastic one piece chair.

Stair chairs take up more space than perch lifts do, but since the user is seated while using it, there is less risk of a fall when using a standing stair lift. To help make it easier to transfer into and out of a stair chair, the seat can be swiveled around, allowing the user to enter or exit the chair away from the stairs.

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